Anonymous said: So what happened to Katherine is happening to everyone on the other side? Being sucked into the air and never coming back? It's like they're officially dying?

Haha, I’m not exactly sure. It kind of looked that way though didn’t it?

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Anonymous said: Caroline has her eye on someone new in the romance department. “She’s got a little relationship/crush/feelings for someone that will creep up to the surface and that is going to cause potential rifts between her and and one of her friends,” Dries teased, prompting Caroline to push that aside. “It’s a little under the surface, and moving into season six, we’re going to see her actually set her sights on someone and make the move.” -- hollywoodreporter

Hello Steroline.

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Anonymous said: www(.)spoilertv(.)com/2014/04/stv-podcast-71-3rd-birthday-podcast-can(.)html#comment-1348773069

Hmph—this is kinda interesting.

Anonymous said: I am a total Paul Wesley fan. I loved him in Wolf Lake and I have watched him in TVD since S1. He did a great job directing and I love his acting. But I am starting to wonder what TVD is actually about? Can you please tell me? It used to be this great show about supernatural beings (being good/bad fighting off the good/bad vamping-out etc.). Now I feel like I am watching some bad soap opera. I want to love this show like I once did. I want to enjoy Paul but I am having a hard time. Please Help!

At the heart of it, it’s a big love story. Unfortunately, I can’t really supply much comfort about the soap opera that it is. I think all we can do is hope the show gets better or at least more bearable. At this point, I’ve stuck around this long because I’ve invested so much time already, for SE, and for Stefan. It’s maybe a little sad that I feel giddy at the prospect of a fresh storyline with Damon and Bonnie coming up for season six. I just want the focus to shift elsewhere for awhile, and I’d be happier.

Anonymous said: I saw new sneak peek with Deremy. Damon threatening to kill Jeremy in new running joke now? youtube(.)com/watch?v=Kd9Ef7p9r_4

LOL, what? Like someone made a joke of it?

Anonymous said: Paul said about Stelena : "Those two are like perpetually a pendulum that swings. There's really no algorithm," "I don't think anything that happens is permanent, so the answer to that question is that I'm sure they'll work it out in the end." - I knew it will be with shift in feelings - where Stefan will go after Caroline while elena will slowly put her shit toghether.

Yep, I think you could apply that line to just about any storyline we get as an obstacle for SE.

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Anonymous said: Why cant Stefan and Caroline remain friends ? Their friendship was the next best thing to Lexi and Stefan!

I know. It’s a shame, really.

Anonymous said: Do you think Stefan is still in love with Elena and ALSO do you think Stefan could ever love Caroline the way he loves Elena?

Yes, and no.

Anonymous said: About finale " As for Stefan and Caroline's undeniable... something, Dries encourages patience: "Our plan is to let this friendship evolve naturally and watch what happens when feelings start to emerge, ever so slowly, from one of them and how that begins to complicate things." - i want to cry

Yep. So annoying. But we gotta deal with it one way or another. It’s weird but I’ll cringe more watching that than DE.

Anonymous said: What are your views on Steroline ? Do you think we'll see them as a couple at the end of season 5 ?

I’m anti-steroline but I know it’s going to be ‘a thing’ in some form or fashion. And it’s likely it’ll be season six.

Anonymous said: I feel like a lot of the writers and directors are biased for DE and cater to their fans but as annoying as it is I don't think it will really matter in the end. As far as I know JP and KW had the end for tvd planned for years now right? So maybe they acknowledge DErs more on twitter and in interviews but it won't change where tvd is going in any major way. Still it's so unprofessional. Is it the same on other shows? I'm not in many fandoms so I don't really know.

Yeah, you know I don’t know why that is. It does feel like DE, as a ship, is more popular not just among fans but the writers as well. But, it’s interesting because I wasn’t around when the first two seasons aired but I certainly saw all the lovely things being said about SE during that time and not a lot was being said about DE. I think, sometimes, it’s about where they are in the story and who they need to be ‘promoting.’ The writers were aware that Stelena wouldn’t be ‘a thing’ for awhile and so things probably slowed down there while a lot of energy and focus was being put into the DE side of things. However, JP did note that there were an equal amount of people who ship SE as DE. But in the end I don’t think it matters what they say or who they seem to ‘love the most’ in personal preference. You can just watch the show and tell that what’s going on. I remember JP talking about how her and KW already had the ending planned back in season two—-but things do change. As far as other fandoms and pandering—I’m not sure either. I think it goes on a little bit in a lot of shows, though.

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Anonymous said: In the same interview Dries said that Katherine in Elena's body was her fav storyline. And we know that almost all people (especially Katherine's fans) HATED it. So her interviews mean nothing. Just like Plec was talking all the time that Caroline is like Lexi for Stefan (and at the same time she's giving romantic hints). So we must focus on narrative - not their fan pandering.

Hahaha, exactly.

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Anonymous said: Caroline Dries has always written such beautiful Stelena scenes. But lately it feels like she is leaning towards Delena. In an interview she said she enjoys damon & elena romantic scenes and she acknowledged a Delena trend recently. So is there really no hope for Stelena anymore?

I think maybe you answered your own question. It’s really irrelevant what her personal opinion is. What matters more is what’s in the show. She’s done beautiful SE scenes for a reason. And they continue to be beautiful.

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Anonymous said: Paul mentioned during 5x18 on twitter that the red in the SE scenes was symbolic of doppelganger blood. Markos needs their blood to end the travelers' curse. I would have preferred red symbolizing SE's passion and love but it turned out beautifully with the red nonetheless.

Oh did he end up saying what the red was supposed to really mean? I hadn’t heard that yet.

Anonymous said: While I agree that Elena has changed (but think the hate is over the top), where do people come up with this notion that Elena never loved Stefan, they were just a fling, you cannot care for your ex...? I'm not even discussing the ways she has hurt him this season (keeping in mind her toxic thing with Damon, the fact shes not perfect and that he also hurt her in the past), but she has stated how important hes to her and she'll love him forever. Its just pointless to think she doesnt care.


I agree 100% with this. I personally don’t hate Elena and don’t blame her for everything that’s happened. I think everyone needs to remember that Elena is not perfect and that she never wanted any of this. She never wanted to be a vampire in the first place, she never wanted to be sired and she sure as hell never wanted to hurt Stefan. She did try for Stefan at the beginning of season 4 but she was sired and her feelings for Damon had grown when she became a vampire, whereas for some reason her feelings for Stefan had not. I understand that people hate her but I just can’t - I hold on to the hope that the writers have some sort of explanation for Elena changing and everything that’s happened. But I have absolutely no idea where people get the idea that she never loved Stefan all along. Elena, as a human, would have done anything for Stefan. She went through so much with him and still stayed by him, right until she actually died. One of the very last things she did as a human was choose him and let him know that he was her choice. And she definitely does still care about him. It’s been shown this season she still cares about him, even if she is this different person now. If the last episode didn’t show everyone that she still cares about him then I don’t know what will to be honest.