Anonymous said: Elena was basically forced into loving Damon and choosing him. Even tho the sire bond broke, it still manufactured those heightened emotions. And worse, it stole the love she had for Stefan. That's just terrible. Her love for him was ripped away from her. So she really has no choice but to be with Damon. I mean she does, but it won't make her stop loving him. It's hard to leave someone you love so much esp when they consume you. I just hope she finds strength to break free.

Well, the show disagrees. According to the writing a vampire only bonds to her sire if she has feelings for him before she turns—human feelings. Vampirism only heightens those feelings. Essentially the sire bond did not manufacture heightened emotions. Vampirism did. The most we can say is that her heightened feelings for Damon through vampirism made the bond stronger—-but real feelings had to be present for this to even occur. As far as what happened to her love for Stefan—it’s possible that behind the shadow self theory—it gets explained, even if the show won’t outright state that. It might get shown through making her human again. All the things which Elena would not/could not integrate into her conscious being over-came her once she turned possibly drowning out her love for Stefan. There’s certainly more to tell in this story and with the triangle so eventually Elena is going to undergo some more changes.

Anonymous said: Like you said, Elena is pretty good at being a vampire. She doesn't feed on ppl. She's happy. She still has all her friends. Stefan still adores her. She's pretty content until the ripper virus / worrying she'd killed Aaron + Her speech about bending her morals for Damon. After that she was smart and said it was over between them cuz she didn't like who she was w/ him. But that only lasted 1 ep until she was happily kissing him w/o a care. From her POV she has no reason to change. /:

Yeah. There’s most likely going to have to be a major character shift. The easiest and most talked about way is to turn her human again. We know human Elena would have a different view of vampire Elena and it’d be interesting to see how she feels about all that happened. Even if they don’t make her human again, something big will have to happen.

Anonymous said: Do you think that we'll see a real Delena breakup in season 6? And if that happens, what do you think will be the reason?

Hahaha, good question. If there is a real break-up, I think we can still be assured nonetheless that the triangle isn’t and won’t be over till the fat lady sings. We may never see DE together again in coupledom but I’m sure they’ll still feel something for each other. Although—I do believe they have potential to fall out organically. That might not happen if they pull a season four and change Elena before DE is done before-hand. But as far as what reason it might be—-maybe they both change and are strong willed enough this time to stay broken up because it’s for the best, or maybe something happens that lessens the intensity of their love—-obviously we’ll see Elena feeling something for Stefan again. It could be anything. But nothing is really over until it’s over.

Anonymous said: Forwood was NEVER "just about sex." People just like to say that for their own reasons, lots of different reasons. Because they're jealous of the ship, because they want either Caroline or Tyler to be with someone different, and so on. Anyone who's paid any attention to their story KNOWS they had issues and emotion and heart all the way through after they got together. The "just about sex" is transparent bullshit concern-trolling.

Well it’s something alright. But I can certainly agree that Forwood was not just about sex. They had a story.

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Anonymous said: The previous anon is seriously deluded if they REALLY believe Tyler came back "just to bang Caroline one more time" in that episode. Did they even watch it? Did they even listen to anything Tyler said? If they want to defend Delena then they should just do it without making shit up about other characters.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure what their intent was but if felt a little on the attack. But I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that Tyler came home looking to get some lol—like, no. That’s pretty narrow minded to put it mildly.

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Anonymous said: It's funny that you criticize Delena for shallow relationship based on sex & at the same time love Forwood. Sex was everything Forwood had. They fucked all the time - they weren't called Sexinwood without a reason. Even at their bitter end, Tyler showed up just to bang Caroline once more time - only to left her the same episode. From all viable options - Forwood is the best for Tyler & Caroline - but it doesn't mean it's good in my book.

Well to be perfectly frank, I don’t give a damn if two people in a relationship together like to fuck a lot to show how much they love each other. I don’t agree that sex is all Forwood had—that’s not how they fell in love. I do agree that after their established status as a couple, the writers liked to show them have sex a lot. I don’t know why that is—laziness? Who even knows. And  I know the pairing got flack because of the writers choosing to show them in bed all the time. But like—I don’t even care. It never made me feel less confident in their relationship. Could the writers have done better? Sure. But then again, we can say that about almost anything at this point.

I have criticized and mocked DE about this aspect of their relationship, yes. Honestly, anon, it had more to do with the triangle and all the comparisons with SE. In my opinion, the sex is not what makes the relationship seem shallow—perhaps a symptom of it but it’s about so much more than that. Again, my rantings about it is when I’d get into it with other people because the main triangle is like an Island of themselves—separate from everyone else. The characters in the triangle are different from the characters in Forwood and their stories are different. I get why you make the comment, but I see and feel them differently.

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Anonymous said: would you be happy if stelena because fuck buddies to deal with the loss?


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Anonymous said: Season 4 started w/ Elena saying she'd lost herself "I'd like nothing more than to get her back" + in finale Stefan said "welcome back" was that supposed to mean normal Elena was back? Cuz in season 5 she just got worse tbh. Especially in the second half. And yet on the other hand, I really don't know how the writers are intending to portray her character. She still has friends somehow. Do u think the characters/herself still views her the same as they have in season 1-3?

Hi! I’m really glad you brought this up, anon. This is something I have thought about on and off while I’ve been here on tumblr just talking about TVD. One of the things that has been on my mind lately is the idea that Elena fell in love with Damon and ultimately chose him because of her own self-loathing and/or poor self-image like she doesn’t feel worthy or deserving of anything or anyone better than Damon based on things she did as a vampire. And I’m inclined to disagree with that. What you’re asking about is actually part of what goes into that idea among other things. I’m not sure if it was the writer’s intention to connect those two statements that you quoted in your ask, but I know that some people out there do believe in the idea that Elena doesn’t believe herself as worthy because of the things she was saying and feeling during her transition. She never wanted to be a vampire, she was feeling things she didn’t want to feel, becoming someone she didn’t want to be and we all remember how she was taking it. Don’t get me wrong—I believe the things she was saying is still relevant. Just maybe not in the way the Elena character meant it at the time.

There are some things I noticed. First off—look how ugly her transition was. I realize that everything was dictated by the sire bond unknowingly. But the thing that bugs me here is that the writers probably don’t intend on visiting this again. I’m wondering if what we’re meant to believe is that in this vampire fiction, there is an inevitability to a vampire that can’t exactly be avoided. The writers haven’t done much to make us believe otherwise. I think Stefan and Damon were both right and wrong in what they believed. Damon was wrong in that Elena didn’t have to act/behave like a vampire. She didn’t have to go out on killing/feeding sprees or drink straight from the vein. That was stupid. And Stefan, despite his best intentions, probably shouldn’t have tried the animal diet. Now—I say this because this idea never has worked for anyone in the show. Ever. I know that Stefan lived this way for a very long time. But it ended up making him a bigger monster than he ever wanted to be. If the writers wanted the animal diet to be valid then they would have made it a bigger part of the story and a viable alternative. It just isn’t.

And the issue is that we never got to know for a fact that it wouldn’t have worked because the sire bond intervened. And nothing since then has given any of us the idea that we should believe it could have. What I mean is—-I really think the writers might want us to believe in that inevitability. The sire bond just caused those things to happen much quicker than they would have had there never been a sire bond. That’s just my interpretation based on what has been written and then left alone. So, in my mind that takes care of any objections someone might have about the rest of what I’m about to write. What we saw from Elena was actual dark vampire stuff. Vamping out, feeding on people, having violent images, thoughts, and urges, and finally killing someone and liking it. I like to think that when Elena talks about becoming someone she doesn’t want to be and feeling things she doesn’t want to feel—she’s actually referring to being an actual monster. Not necessarily feeling selfish, or less compassionate, or less feeling.

And although, everyone including herself acknowledged she had changed—it’s funny that Stefan never intervenes by telling her ‘This isn’t you’ until she has her humanity off. Another occasion where Elena is truly acting like a vampire—a monster. And notice they do it to her again in season five by injecting her with that ripper virus. I think she says something about Katherine turning her into a monster—someone she’s not?  And notice that when she has her humanity on and not being injected with something that makes her a killer, she’s a very functional vampire. No blood issues, no feeding on people just for fun, no violent urges to kill because she’ll like it. None of that. Even a more selfish Elena fears and has no desire to be a monster. In fact, one could argue that it’s her more selfish nature that allows her to be this happy with herself— while she’s not a monster, that is. But that’s my point. Elena is happy. She doesn’t hate herself. I can re-call at least three different occasions in the fourth season where Elena says she’s happy. And who could forget what she told Stefan in season five about how happy she had been and how that’s what’s behind her desperation to make sure he’s okay—-so she could hold on to that happiness.Or telling Jesse that the first rule to being a vampire was to 'realize how awesome you are.' 

Basically, this is all from Elena’s POV. She’s only miserable if she’s being a literal monster. Otherwise, she’s happy as a lark. Which is the way she wants to keep it. With all that being said—-Elena still changed. And yes, into a person less flattering in comparison to her former self. Yes, everyone still notes that she’s not the same person. And I still believe that Elena will re-visit the idea that she isn’t happy with who she’s become only not in the context of something dark and monstrous but with her more functioning, well-adjusted self.

Anonymous said: Since I gave you source, I would like to know your opinion. Thanks.

Well pretty much, my thoughts are that it’s not much to see if she just buries herself in studies but if she’s trying to get smoochy with other guys then we certainly haven’t seen her do that.

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Anonymous said: tvline(.)com/2014/07/18/arrow-season-3-laurel-felicity-storylines/ ---- “When we come back, we’ll see that Elena is actively pursuing a degree in pre-med,” show boss Julie Plec told us. “She’s a smart girl, and Elena’s father was a doctor, so she’s trying to figure out how to help people and save people, just as her family did.” And merely as an added bonus, “We’ll meet some hot young pre-med guys and sexy doctors” as she does so.

It doesn’t bother me if we see Elena studying hardcore just to get a distraction but I’d me more surprised if she was chasing other guys.

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Anonymous said: buddytv(.)com/articles/the-vampire-diaries/the-vampire-diarie%20s-casts-seve-54099(.)aspx ---- "The Wrap reports that Marco James will be recurring as Liam, an attractive and smart upperclassman at Whitmore. He is a "cocky yet good-natured" med student from a family of doctors. Will he and Jo have more in common than medicine? "

I’m just kind of laughing over here. I mean if Elena’s out chasing guys, then I guess it would be an interesting way of seeing Elena coping because we haven’t seen her do that before.

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