Anonymous said: Truth time: DErs get treated differently than SErs (and all the other shipper groups) because they behave differently. They badger the writing team non-stop, begging to be coddled and placated. Where as an SEr cannot even ask one time if there's hope for SE without practically being booed out of the building by them.

Hahaha. Yeah. Who knows what goes on behind the curtain.

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Anonymous said: With all these spoilers, do you think Stefan is still in love with Elena? Do you really think he's moved on?

Okay. These are my thoughts about that, anon. I think Stefan will always be in love with Elena. And if all the talk is true about Stefan becoming a bit of a loner next season, away from every one else— Then I can go out on that limb and say that part of it would be because he’s running away from that love in the name of moving on. He knows it isn’t reciprocated. You know, maybe he leaves because it was easier to be Elena’s friend when he could see how happy Damon and Elena were together. But without Damon now—-I don’t know. Maybe he actually leaves because he can’t be around her. Last time he wanted to leave, he stayed because Elena loved him. Well she’s not exactly feeling that way towards him right now. Maybe it’s just easier for him to leave. But that’s just how one could see it in his POV. I know some people won’t like that line of thinking, though.

elena + nose scrunch


1x19 - Stefan struggling with his blood addiction (1/2)

2/2 —> (x)


Like/Reblog if you still have hope for Stelena. I wanna see if I’m not the only one who still believes in it. 😔

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Anonymous said: You know what I don't get? How everyone says that Elena getting in a relationship with Damon was her maturing and growing up just because Damon's older. Stefan is way more mature mentally if you ask me. People need to watch the first season. Your thoughts ?

Yeah. There’s always going to be that general mix-up. Stefan is far more mature than Damon in many, many ways. Unfortunately, Elena is sort of going to be seen growing up through Damon. I mean just because someone says she’s growing up doesn’t mean it’s pretty or even something ‘good.’ It just means you’re going through some shit. Elena will, undoubtedly, come out of this learning something—which is a big point to me.

Anonymous said: Least favorite cast member in tvd?

Probably Damon, at the moment.

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Anonymous said: Lol another delusional. The only reason jp has to constantly spit bullshit about de is to keep you aggressive obsessive asshole quiet. And all she ever did say was the amount of sex they'd have. Jp never spoke of de the way she spoke of se.

It’s just ridiculous.

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Anonymous said: When I was watching The Vampire Diaries panel, and interviews, it seemed like it was almost a big joke. I know they just started filming season 6, but it seemed like the cast was trying really hard to not sound fed up with the show, characters, and story in general, especially Nina. She seemed really apathetic towards the whole thing, and no one really seemed excited about season 6. What do you think?

Well, I didn’t watch any of it. But people interpret things differently. Maybe they were just having an ‘off’ day. Or maybe like you said—they’re done pretending. Regardless of what it is—they’ll all finish the show strong.

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Anonymous said: "second soulmate" was fanservice for SE'rs. DE'rs didn't need to be placated but if she'd just said "her soulmate" SE'rs would have gone insane. She threw them a bone to keep them hooked, the same as when she was asked if there was hope for Stelena. Her reply amounted to, "Welp, you can ship it if you want but they've been friendzoned as far as we're concerned". JP doesn't give REAL hope for SE the way DE always got. Even in the show hints of lingering romantic feelings end up being fake.

Okay, anon. But you mistake me for someone who gives a shit.

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Anonymous said: i know you get a lot of questions so i understand if cant answer this but what do you think is the main difference between delena and stelena's relationships? like if you could only pick one thing?

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Anonymous said: hey have you talked to Suz (stefan is elena's lobster) in a while?? she has not been around for a while now?

No, I haven’t. I check her blog every few days though to see if she’s posted anything and there hasn’t been anything new. To be honest, not much is keeping her interested in TVD anymore so she’s on hiatus too for awhile.  She may come back to see what’s going on in season six and to see if any of her theories will come to light, though.

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Wait. JP said Stefan doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. Does that mean Stefan goes back to being a loner??? Like…this is what I originally wanted.