Anonymous said: Do you believe that Stefan is still in love with Elena & he's just hiding his feelings for Elena's sake?

I do believe Stefan is still in love with Elena and he’s just hiding it because he knows she doesn’t feel the same way about him and so there’s no need to broadcast it.

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Anonymous said: Last 5x18 SE scene remind me rooftop scene from 4x01. Even the way Elena put her head on Stefan's shoulder. In 4x01 SE had fairytale ending - total bliss - like nothing could ever change it = some closure. But it was total fail. Now they came to new terms with their relationship - and I think their closure will be another fail (but this time in SE favour - becasue they will manage be friends & lovers at the same time). I mean - triangle must me dynamic - they can't be bff ONLY forever.

Yes, the tide will change in their new ‘terms.’

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Anonymous said: Hahaha, I'm also laughting at the other anons rephrase of Elenas quote, but that is also what I got. Don't know if you've watched the full ep yet, but even with a recent break up and the awkwardness of having to interact so soon, Damons comment about how weird it is to stand clothed with her having a conversation is ridiculous. I just dont agree with Stefans friends vs. in love thing. That SE had 'closure' doesnt even bother me, I'm just not sure where the writers wanna go with this concept.

Well I think the writers want to get SE to a place of ‘closure’ just to turn it around later. And that probably goes hand in hand with Stefan’s comment about love and friendship as I felt it was probably applicable to all the ships or the prospect of one like Steroline. We see SE as friends right now and the idea of that will probably change in season six.

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Anonymous said: Oh, sorry. I don't pay attention to non-canon scenes because, you know, they don't exist in show reality. There is an actual scene with this exact dialogue that is canon but it's between Stefan and Elena.

What, you got like a hard on over there? Well keep it in your pants cuz whatever rub you got out if it is done so kindly fuck off. 

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Anonymous said: You're misquoting. The conversation where Stefan asks what love means to her is not with Katherine, it's with Elena. Elena says, to her, love means never giving up.

No, I wasn’t misquoting. Unfortunately the scene was I referring to was that deleted one from 2x11 between Stefan and Katherine. Although, I could have sworn there was a real scene like that somewhere. My memory, these days…

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No matter what I say or do. 

Anonymous said: stelijahsalvatore(.)tumblr(.)com/post/83223285746/please-give-me-some-stelena-hope-im-really-sad-after Do you agree with any of this or do you think the episode was bad for us? I would really like to know what you think about it.

Yes, I can say that I agree with the post. The writers wanted it to come across as closure. They want you to think it’s over until they stir things up again which they will do. SE isn’t over. We’ll see a shift by season’s end or into season six.

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Anonymous said: Can I just please rephrase that delusional shipper. - When Elena says "Do you think Damon and I will ever be able to talk like this, like friends?" She clearly meant she wants to have a conversation with Damon without him being a pig and implying they need to have sex and be naked all the time. When Stefan said "you can't be both friends and in love" it's because he knows Damon's a little bitch that cares about wanting a little girlfriend more than respecting her wishes of wanting friendship.

LMAO I mean I’m not going to argue with that or anything hahaha ;)

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Anonymous said: Top 5 Favourite Vampire Diaries Scenes ? ( sorry if i am bothering you )

Oh you’re not bothering me! Let’s see…

1. 1x10 (love scene)

2. 1x2 (first kiss)

3. 2x11 (hug scene)

4. 3x5 (Stefan resisting compulsion)

5. 4x1 (Elena tells Stefan she chose him)

Those aren’t necessarily in a particular order except for number one because that is probably my favorite :)

Unofficial 6. 1x20 (Elena saves Stefan)

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Anonymous said: I was re-watching season 2 of vampire diaries and just finished watching 2x08. Honestly I'm conflicted about damons' " I love you, Elena. And it's because I love you, that I can't be selfish with you. I don't deserve you...but my brother does" speech. I always agree with ur opinions, so what are ur views on this ? Sincerely, a die-hard stelena shipper.

Hey there! Well, what are you conflicted about? His sincerity? Here’s my take on it. He was inspired by Stefan. His brother, only moments before, had apologized to Damon for his selfish choice 145 years ago in forcing him to turn when that had not been Damon’s wish. Stefan said he just needed his brother and didn’t want to be alone which we can all see as Stefan loving his brother and not wanting to be without him. Suddenly there’s Damon in Elena’s bedroom trying to be selfless by letting her go. It was Damon trying—although he does fail at this time and time again. What I find so interesting about the whole thing in general has to do with the concept of what love is and how simple or complicated we make it especially within the fandoms. I’ve mentioned before there’s always this question of 'is it never giving up or is it being able to let someone go?' I don’t think the answer is all that simple. Recall Stefan asking Katherine— what is love to you? And she replies— Never giving up. This is obviously Damon’s philosophy as well. Katherine never really leaves Stefan alone, and neither does Damon leave Elena alone. Because they just don’t give up. Stefan on the other hand—-has an uncanny ability to let go. And so we see where Stefan had made this selfish choice to not respect Damon’s wish to die out of love, and this is exactly the way Damon loves. He doesn’t care what the other person’s feelings are (I’m talking about Elena here). He’s going to make selfish choices that go against what she wants out of, what? Love? He just doesn’t make apologies for it. He doesn’t feel guilty about it. So when Stefan does, when he does feel guilty, when he does apologize for the way he had loved Damon—well….he then tries to do right by Elena by selflessly letting her go even if there’s a contradiction in how he chooses to do so. Essentially, I believe he wanted to be sincere. It’s just that Damon doesn’t do selfless all that well.

Anonymous said: I admire the way you reply back to ur anon messages so graciously. Sorry for my bad english :(

Awww, thank you so much anon. You guys are spoiling me today. Your English was just fine my dear :)

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Anonymous said: What is your fav SE scene ? Ps. I love scrolling through your blog.

Oh gosh, this question is always so unfair lol but I usually feel quite confident in my answer because I think it’s always been 1x10. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe it’s the perfection in it, but it never fails to move me.  And thank you so much! 

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Anonymous said: Do you think Stefans speech about not being able to be friends with the person you love will gradually come into play with Steroline ?

I think that line was applicable for all the ships. 

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Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that i love your blog very much!:) it's like fresh air for me , stelena shipper:)

Awww, thank you so much for this fellow shipper! Reading this has been fresh air for me!

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