Hey guys, this is no longer only a TVD/SE blog. I've been wanting to make it more of a personal and multi-fandom blog. There are things about me I'd like to post and other shows I'd like to blog about. But I will still blog about TVD and SE is still my OTP. I'm not going anywhere! That's all I have for now. I'll put more details in this at a later time once I know what this blog is mainly about. By the way, I'd like for people to be able to talk to me on a more personal note so you can call me Court---a shortened name from my family.

Anonymous asked: It's more likely that he has a harder time talking to Caroline because he cares more, even if he is switched-off/in denial? It's harder for him to deal with her than it is Elena, who's opinion doesn't mean as much. They already showed us that in S5 when Stefan lied to Caroline about Enzo but told Elena the truth. That's Stefan's m.o., anyway. He always lies to the people he cares most about because it helps him hide the truth from himself, as well. It's fundamental to his character's psychology.

I think that’s an interesting point, anon.

Anonymous asked: So, it seems like there's going to be a DE rain kiss for TVD season 6.

That’s what I’ve been hearing. I bet the DE’ers are very excited.

Anonymous asked: Have you heard the latest spoiler? Before DE reunites, Caroline will confront Stefan about her feelings towards him, and Elena will overhear it. It sais that we will all be surprised my her reaction. If that's true, than she'll be jelaous.

Except that no one will be surprised if we see Elena jealous lol

Anonymous asked: Why do you think Stefan answers Elena on the phone but not Caroline? (As seen in the promo & synopsis)

Oh yeah, I do remember seeing that Caroline gets frustrated by her dismissed phone calls to Stefan. I suppose Stefan can’t get rid of the sweet spot for Elena? Haha.

Anonymous asked: www(.)wetpaint(.)com/vampire-diaries/articles/2014-09-11-season-6-reasons-over-delena

Oh my…am I in the Twilight Zone????

Anonymous asked: Nothing created by WITCH MAGIC can be in Mystic Falls. Maybe there are supernatural beings outside of that category?

Oh you’re good, anon. Could be—could be.

Anonymous asked: I feel like we don't know who the true Elena is. Pre-parents death/cheerleader Elena, 1-3 Elena, vampire Elena.. Who is Elena Gilbert? And what does she really want? Also what do you think 1-3 Elena would think if she saw herself now?

You’re asking the right questions, anon. Good for you. And I’m DYING to know what human Elena would say to vampire Elena. Plleeeaaassseee make it happen writers.

Anonymous asked: I really don't know what could be attacking people cause everything i think about is supernatural so what could it be? Cannibal people? Lol

LMAO—-that’s funny. Perhaps there’s a loophole? I mean—it’s TVD. Isn’t there always a loophole?

Anonymous asked: Elena said marriage and kids with Stefan was "everything we wanted" but a consuming, toxic relationship with Damon was "everything she wanted" ??? What does Elena really want, exactly? Reminds me of her telling Damon "I don't know what I want" - clearly she doesn't.

Yes, anon- yessssss…exactly.

Andy did as he was told. Buffed those shoes to a mirror shine. The guard simply didn’t notice. Neither did I. I mean, seriously—how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?

—Red, Shawshank Redemption

Anonymous asked: Okay everyones talking about the ships and all that but what do you think is going on in Mystic Falls? No supernatural can go in the town so what is attacking people?

Hahaha...exactly. That’s the main source of any intrigue next season might have. Too bad it will probably be revealed too soon instead of delaying the moment for us. Unfortunately, I suck at the mythology theories and I haven’t the slightest clue.

Oh—I’m also interested in Tyler’s story too :) And the Bamon interaction.