I wish people would stop saying things like Stefan deserves better. Like what the actual fuck? I get it. You opinion is your opinion, and you have the right to have it but dammit so do I and this is mine! I mean shit- people could have said that Stefan didn’t deserve Elena after some of his behavior in S3 but no one was saying that except DE fans for obvious reasons. Anyway- it just pisses me off. Elena isn’t perfect and she has her flaws for sure but it’s way too harsh to suggest that after everything Stefan deserves someone better. We watched Elena being there for Stefan when he did everything he could to push her way and when he was so blinded by other things that he hurt her. Well I’m enjoying the journey now where Stefan needs to be there for Elena NO MATTER WHAT- just like she did for him.

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    I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, I was just pissed and there’s really no other explanation to that lol,...
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    oh God u r really upset . sorry . but i thought when i said stefan gone too far also means that he doesnt deserve her...
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    preech!!! last season was Stefan’s dark journey to the light and this season is Elena’s dark journey to the light. This...